Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller: part one

This rare documentary looks at the relationship between Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller, and contains interviews with Miller himself. It’s in two parts – here’s part one:

I’ll post part two, along with some thoughts on what this means in terms of After the Fall, later this week.


Prop Lobsters (with video)

The script of Resurrection Blues calls for lobsters in scene five, to be eaten by Felix and Emily as the scene opens on them finishing their elegant meal. For a small-budget Non-Equity theatre company, this is a challenge to solve, and our props designer Kim Lyle not only solved it beautifully (with the essential help of my fantastic sister in Maine who donated and shipped four live Maine lobsters!), but also documented her adventure in the brilliant video below:

Watch a scene from Democracy

From our current production of Democracy, which opened last night, Baron Jacobi (Larry Baldacci) has an old-fashioned plan to stop Madeleine Lee (Rebecca Prescott) from marrying the ambitious Senator Silas Raitcliffe in the scene below from The Stage Channel:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Video: backstage during Six Degrees tech rehearsals

On the first day of tech rehearsals for our current production of Six Degrees of Separation, I handed my digital camera to Eclipse ensemble member Stephen Dale, who plays Ben in the show. Take it backstage, I told him – have some fun, shoot anything you want back there, and maybe we’ll be able to create a quick montage of what it’s like to be backstage during tech.

With a cast of sixteen, there was a lot of down time for actors as we went through tech rehearsals – as we spent time planning and practicing the timings of light and sound cues, the actors were backstage spending their time … well, I’ll let Stephen show you:

Another video interview with actors from Six Degrees

Continuing Stephen Dale’s ongoing series of interviews with the cast & crew of Six Degrees of Separation, here’s a part of his conversation with Eric Leonard (Flan) and Karen Yates (Ouisa), talking about their characters and their approach to this complex script.

There’s more on the way, including some fantastic backstage footage from tech rehearsals – if you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel yet, now’s a pretty good time…

6 Degrees of Separation Interview – Theme

The second part of our interview with Michael Pogue; he discusses the themes within 6 Degrees… that resonated with him the most.

Watch videos from Six Degrees of Separation

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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