Final Show Day

Today is the final performance of Lynn Nottage’s Intimate Apparel.  We are very sad to have to say goodbye to this play and its characters, but we know we are lucky to have one more Lynn Nottage play in our season! Mud, River, Stone is sure to be another exciting adventure.

Through this play, Lynn Nottage has given us the opportunity to see into the world of 1905 and get to understand it better.  And more importantly, she has given us the the ability to see what Esther’s life was like and what the harsh realities of the time were.  In the spirit of honoring what we now know about people who were nearly lost to history, here are some of Lynn Nottage lines:

Esther: The other day George asked me to read a letter. I took it in my hand and I lied. I lie every day. And I’m a Christian woman.

Mrs. Van Buren: We do what we must, no? We are ridiculous creatures sometimes.

Esther: Do you love Mr. Van Buren?

Mrs. Van Buren: I am a married woman, such a question is romantic.

(Act II, Scene 3)


Sometimes its easy to forget that among the big changes in history and the inventions, there were people dealing with real loneliness and hurt.  Thank you to Lynn Nottage for revealing the humanity in these characters’ lives.  We are so excited to continue our discovery of Lynn Nottage’s work in our next production!


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