Character Work

Eclipse’s Dramaturg is sharing her research for Intimate Apparel on the blog! The actors have been using this information to get in touch with who their characters really are.  In this play, many of the characters have very different backgrounds, one is a laborer from Barbados, working on digging the Panama, another is Romanian Jewish Immigrant, and of course one is an African American seamstress in New York City, sewing intimate apparel for all kinds of women around the city.  The actors are doing a lot of talking about how their characters’ history’s affect them during the course of the play, and how their characters should interact based on social standards of the time.

Take a look at the dramaturgy page to start learning about our characters’ backgrounds!

Intimate Apparel First Rehearsal


After an amazing run of Ruined, and a long stretch where I apparently forgot the blog existed, the 2014 Lynn Nottage Season continued last night with the first rehearsal of her beautiful play Intimate Apparel. The designers took a few minutes to present their research and ideas so far (starting with the theatrical metaphors of a patchwork crazy quilt and early 1900s daguerrotype style photography that are written into the script), and then we got to sit back and listen to the enormously talented cast read the play out loud for the first time together. On to dramaturgy and table work tonight; the cast will be exploring the characters and the world of the play this week, and then the play will start to really take shape towards the end of the week. I can’t wait.