Keith Reddin and the mythology of America

While our current production of Democracy continues to roll on, we’re keeping ourselves busy with additional events celebrating our past featured playwrights. Last weekend, with the help of composer Scott Wheeler and singers from VOX 3 Collective, we had a fantastic evening exploring Mr. Wheeler’s opera Democracy: An American Comedy, based on 2001 featured playwright Romulus Linney‘s Democracy. The event included scenes from the Eclipse production and the opera, along with a fascinating discussion with Mr. Wheeler and the artists.

Our next event, coming up next Saturday, will be just as exciting – don’t miss it!

Keith Reddin and the mythology of America
Saturday, December 5th at 12 pm
The Greenhouse Theater Center, 2257 N Lincoln

Admission is free ($5 suggested donation for non-subscribers).

Eclipse’s 2004 featured playwright, Keith Reddin, explored our collective identity as Americans throughout his works. The Celebration Series continues the exploration by revisiting Eclipse productions from 2004 (Brutality of Fact, Big Time and Frame 312), along with readings from other plays and a discussion with Eclipse artists.

Call us at 773.325.9655 for more information and to reserve seats for this unique event.

We’re posting some background information and research in the Dramaturgy sidebar on the right, including a great interview where Keith Reddin discusses his sense of his own identity as an “American playwright”:

I think of myself as a very American playwright. And when you look at the words that set the American way of life, they are “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” It’s not happiness, it’s the pursuit of happiness. We have the freedom to pursue happiness but that doesn’t mean that we’re guaranteed to get it. Happiness is very fleeting; that’s a very American theme. We very rarely, if ever, find it. But I enjoy that we have the freedom to pursue it and I think that’s what all the plays are about.