Arthur Miller Dramaturgy Main Page

Arthur Miller Dramaturgy Table of Contents

I.  Arthur Miller’s Biography

A. Arthur Miller Literary Biography– Source:Dictionary of Literary Biography

B.  Arthur Miller Biography by Martin Gottfried Notes

II.  Arthur Miller’s   Canon

III. Theatre Essays

A.  “Tragedy and the Common Man”

Arthur Miller’s article appeared in the New York Times in 1949 and as since then become an essential essay on theatre. The famous quote, “I believe that the common man is as apt subject for tragedy in its highest sense as kings were” appears in this article. Miller’s views on the average man and the protection of personal dignity are the central points made in the essay.

B.   Matt Wayne-(Miller’s pen name) “The Sincerity of Theater.” New Masses. 3 July 1945

Matt Wayne was the pseudonym  Miller used during what is considered a “lost chapter” in his life between 1945-1946. Wayne/Miller wrote many theatre reviews and articles during his one year tenure at the Marxist publication, New Masses. “The Sincerity of Theater” is one article that shares sentiments with the famous essay “Tragedy and the Common Man.”

IV.  Script References

A.  Barnard (Prologue)

B.  Coney Island (Prologue)

C.  Jaquaranda Tree (Prologue)

D.  Pontius Pilate (22)

E.  Judas (22)

F.  Alfalfa (Therapy) (59)

G. Rolfing (59)

H.  Gulf of Tonkin (75)

I.  Spinoza (Act 2, Scene 6)

J.  Exodus

V.  Newspaper Articles

A.  Arthur Miller, Legendary Playwright, Is Dead (NY Times)

B.  Theatre; So Tragic You Have to Laugh (NY Times)

C.  Get It Right.  Privatize Executions (NY Times by Arthur Miller)

VI. Latin America

A.  South America General Information

B. Latin American Studies website

C.  Revolutionary (Definition and Latin American Examples)

D.  Excerpts from Lecture on Latin American Politics

E. Latin America Landscape and Village Images


A. Bolivia

B. Chile and Pinochet

VII.  Biblical References

A.  Biblical Excerpts Regarding the Crucifixion

B.  Article – A Physician Testifies About the Crucifixion

C. Relevant Bible Verses

D.  Christian Blog Post on the Second Coming

E.  Images of Second Coming – Light

F.  Book – The Second Coming: The Signs of Christs Return the End of the Age by John MacArthur

G.  Poem – Second Coming – William Bulter Yeats

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