Keith Reddin – Biography and Works

Keith Reddin (born July 7, 1956) is an American actor and playwright. He received his B.S. in 1978 from Northwestern University and then went on to attend The Yale University School of Drama until he received his M.A. in 1981.

His plays Life and Limb, Rum and Coke, Highest Standard of Living and But Not for Me all received their world premieres at South Coast Repertory. SCR also produced his adaptation of Alexander Buravsky’s The Russian Teacher. Other plays include Nebraska, Life During Wartime, Brutality of Fact, All the Rage, The Prophets of Nature and Frame 312. Adaptations include: Bulgakov‘s Black Snow, Shatrov’s Maybe, Molière‘s The Imaginary Invalid, Anouilh‘s Antigone and Thorton Wilder’s Heaven’s My Destination. Film and television include, Big Time (American Playhouse), The Heart of Justice (TNT), Milken (TNT), The Alarmist, and All the Rage.


  • Life and Limb (1984)
  • Rum and Coke (1985)
  • Big Time (1987)
  • Nebraska (1989)
  • Life During Wartime (1990)
  • Brutality of Fact (1993)
  • Almost Blue (1994)
  • All the Rage (1997)
  • But Not for Me (1998)
  • Synergy (2000)
  • Frame 312 (2003)
  • Human Error (2004)
  • The Missionary Position (2006)
  • The Will to Art (2008)
  • Cleveland Heights (2008)



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