Frame 312 Synopsis

Lynette is a suburban housewife with a terrible secret. Greeting her children for her birthday, she has a chance to recognize her children’s faults and her own shortcomings and to reach out.

It’s the 1990s, and Lynette, an ex-assistant editor at LIFE magazine, now living in obscurity, has gathered her family around her to celebrate her 50th birthday. She has a secret that she needs to confide in them. In the 1960s, when she worked as an assistant on LIFE magazine, she was an ‘unwilling’ witness to the first showing of the (in)famous ‘Zapruder’ film about the assassination of Kennedy, which allegedly proved the theory that there was a second assassin. Chosen by her boss to hand over the film to the FBI, Lynette is the last surviving link in this particular chain of mysterious events.

Over the course of Frame 312 Lynette comes to accept and share her past and knowledge with her children.


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