Big Time Synopsis

Big Time shows Reddin’s savage look at a lost generation of corporate American ‘players’, sleek in their enterprise and hungry for the sharp deal.

Paul belongs to a fast-track crowd of young banker-broker-trader-dealers whizzing about the world, troubleshooting on international accounts of ‘serious money,’ flying home to relax with a beer and a quick snort of cocaine, he’s the yuppie prince supreme. But though he’s a major member of the ‘gimme generation,’ Paul’s also an innocent. He loves his work, he fights for his woman, he believes in his future, he’s sold on success. Then, on a trip to shore up a shaky financial situation in a Middle Eastern country, he has his faced rubbed in the global realities of America. Stripped to essentials, much like the bleak vision of David Mamet’s ‘Edmond,’ it’s a sad, savage look at a new lost generation of spoiled, self-centered Americans, sleek and corrupt in their enterprise, whose feelings of love and understanding have been starved out in their hunger for the sharp deal and the main chance.’a small play of smashing impact.


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