Miscellaneous References

Kirkwood Community College

Main location is in Cedar Rapids, IA

2 year college, earn an associates or start working towards your bachelors.  Open admissions policy, you don’t have to have a h.s. degree

Stanton (38)

There are locations in California, Iowa and Nebraska.

Greenbay Packers Flag

Purina Plant (39) – Sandy’s mom works in a Purina Plant

From my reading working at a Purina Plant can be dangerous there are a lot of fires reported to have happened in Purina Plants.  The plants often violate other regulations, including poor air quality.  Purina makes animal feed.

Panama City (4) – Sandy refers to it while giving Curt a massage.  She refers to Panama City, FL, not Panama City in Panama.  Both seem like lovely tourist destinations.  Panama City in Panama seems to have much more of a history and better architecture, more sophisticated perhaps.  While Panama City, FL….well its Florida.

Panama City, FL. is located on the panhandle of northwest Florida on beautiful St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Panama City is known as a popular tourist location year round offering a comfortable climate and friendly atmosphere.

Panama City’s attributes provide a highly attractive living environment compatible with a variety of tastes and life styles. Cited most often are: pleasant climate, attractive housing opportunities, fishing and water sports, arts and entertainment, and a pleasing small town environment for raising a family.

With over 27 miles of hotels and sugary white sand along the Emerald Green Waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Panama City Beach is the ultimate vacation destination. Swimming, sunning, parasailing, jetskiing, sailing, fishing, boating….the list is never-ending. Panama City Beach offers beach activities for everybody.

Rated number one beach in the 1995 survey of the world’s beaches, and the number four beach in America by The Travel Channel in 2000, Panama City Beach is truly the mainland paradise.

DNR (46) – Curt wants to buy property up against DNR Land

The Department of Natural Resources is dedicated to the preservation, protection, effective management, and maintenance of Wisconsin’s natural resources. It is responsible for implementing the laws of the state and, where applicable, the laws of the federal government that protect and enhance the natural resources of our state. It is the one agency charged with full responsibility for coordinating the many disciplines and programs necessary to provide a clean environment and a full range of outdoor recreational opportunities for Wisconsin citizens and visitors.

This link will take you to a site in which you can research DNR land:

WI State Parks

Artists in the Schools Program

In our increasingly competitive society the future belongs to those who can effectively process information. The Artists-in-the-Schools program provides a way for children to develop the critical thinking skills they will need to compete in real world situations.

Research shows that arts-infused instruction builds parental involvement, encourages self-esteem, instills community values and increases student achievement both in the classroom and on standardized tests.

I did not find an active Artists in Schools program in Wisconsin.  Nor did I find salary rates for this sort of position.

Number Lexia (42)

There does not seem to be a “number lexia”.

Though dyslexia is prominent in persons that may have a natural flair for fine arts.

There is a Discalculia which seems to be far more serious than what Curt is describing.

Dyscalculia is a lesser known disability, similar and potentially related to dyslexia and developmental dyspraxia. Dyscalculia occurs in people across the whole IQ range, and sufferers often, but not always, also have difficulties with time, measurement, and spatial reasoning. Current estimates suggest it may affect about 5% of the population. Although some researchers believe that dyscalculia necessarily implies mathematical reasoning difficulties as well as difficulties with arithmetic operations, there is evidence (especially from brain damaged patients) that arithmetic (e.g. calculation and number fact memory) and mathematical (abstract reasoning with numbers) abilities can be dissociated. That is (some researchers argue), an individual might suffer arithmetic difficulties (or dyscalculia), with no impairment of, or even giftedness in, abstract mathematical reasoning abilities.

Discalculia can affect day to day tasks such as checking change and reading analog clocks.  I doubt that Beth has Discalulia but here is a list of symptoms:

  • Frequent difficulties with arithmetic, confusing the signs: +, , ÷ and ×.
  • Difficulty with everyday tasks like checking change and reading analog clocks.
  • Inability to comprehend financial planning or budgeting, sometimes even at a basic level; for example, estimating the cost of the items in a shopping basket or balancing a checkbook.
  • Difficulty with multiplication-tables, mental arithmetic, etc.
  • May do fairly well in subjects such as science and geometry, which require logic rather than formulae, until a higher level requiring calculations is obtained.
  • Difficulty with conceptualizing time and judging the passing of time.
  • Particularly problems with differentiating between left and right.
  • Difficulty navigating or mentally “turning” the map to face the current direction rather than the common North=Top usage.
  • Having particularly difficulty mentally estimating the measurement of an object or distance (e.g., whether something is 10 or 20 feet (3 or 6 meters) away).
  • Often inability to grasp and remember mathematical concepts, rules, formulae, and sequences.
  • An inability to read a sequence of numbers, or transposing them when repeated such as turning 56 into 65.
  • Difficulty keeping score during games.
  • Difficulty with games such as poker with more flexible rules for scoring.
  • Difficulty in activities requiring sequential processing, from the physical (such as dance steps) to the abstract (reading, writing and signaling things in the right order). May have trouble even with a calculator due to difficulties in the process of feeding in variables.
  • The condition may lead in extreme cases to a phobia or durable anxiety of mathematics and mathematic-numeric devices/coherences.
  • Low latent inhibition, i.e., over-sensitivity to noise, smell, light and the inability to tune out, filtering unwanted information or impressions. Might have a well-developed sense of imagination due to this (possibly as cognitive compensation to mathematical-numeric deficits).

Pine Nuts (83)

Pine nuts are the edible seeds of pines (family Pinaceae, genus Pinus). About 20 species of pine produce seeds large enough to be worth harvesting; in other pines the seeds are also edible, but are too small to be of value as a human food.


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