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Here are some websites and blogs regarding massage parlors.  I have copied some of the content onto this page but click on the links to read more on the different sites.

Comments on a news article regarding “massage parlors”

In a way this is kind of funny as the entire history of massage parlors is one of prositution. Go there and expect to be offered a sex act of some kind. I used to be a big fan of Massage parlors when I was young I was offered sex many times and it was all kinds of differnt sex acts they would range in price from 15 to 50 dollars depending and I just never went for it, I was just there for a good massage. Kept going to a differnt one hopping to get a good massage and not be offered sex so I finally just gave up on doing that.

You know they don’t call it the First profession for nothing. Sure Prostitutes are people too. They even have Sex workers conventions Ive read about them, they lead pretty normal lives actually. Even dated a woman that later when things got serious told me she was a full time prostitute, the problem we had was, she had trouble seperating our time with times for the Johns. And she had trouble being intimate but you know she seems never to mind doing it for money and it seemed to have damaged her emotionally too.

Prostitutes should be caught and sent to jail. STD’s spread because of Prostitutes. There should be strict law to prevent prostitution.

The women think we need laws against prostitution. The men think we need to pay more attention to more serious crimes instead. Why? Because *getting caught* is an emotional crime for both sides (men and their women/women and their men). I include getting sick as a part of getting caught.
A clean and safe massage parlor is a good thing for everyone. The laws we have encourage dirty, unsafe, underground sex trade… bad for everyone. is all about this, as old from both sides. It’s a never ending discussion.

For someone who has been ‘a big fan’ of massage parlors but has never ‘went for it,'(sex)who just ‘went for a good massage,’ you seem to know a lot about something you never participated in. Which is complete BS.
As one who admittedly has frequented massage parlors for the past few years, let me say this: If you want a good massage, you’re going to call or go to a *ahem* Massage Therapist. “oriental,” or “asian,” or “theraputic” massage PARLORS are good for one thing. Ok, a mediocre massage, too.
Even as a teenager, without having ever learned what ‘actually’ went on in a massage parlor, I knew the insinuation was of sexual activity of SOME kind. For anyone to claim they go to these places in search of an actual massage is ridiculous.
My personal opinion? I think they’re great- for the single man. And whenever I have gone, I have been single, IE, no girlfriend. If you have a significant other, and you’re unsatisfied enough to go outside of your own bedroom for satisfaction, then you probably shouldn’t be married, or involved, for whatever reason that is.
Those of you who think I should be ‘imprisoned’ for my activities, let me ask: what is it, that I’ve actually done wrong? Whom have I hurt through my activities? And before you claim “Human Trafficking,” Let me say that one girlfriend I had I MET at a massage parlor- she left the industry, of her own accord, without any problems, and works in denture manufacturing. So don’t give me this crap of how they are ‘slaves.’ When they go home at night, they leave in their own cars(usually late model) and go to their own homes. So take the whole ‘slave’ argument to someone who actually doesn’t know and frequent the industry.
The only crime committed here is some stranger who thinks they have a right to determine my sexual activities. That should be a crime.

Okay – here’s a perspective from a real massage THERAPIST.

It is a very sad thing for licensed certified massage therapists, who have gone through extensive training and licensing fees to provide professional therapeutic services to be continually degraded by massage PARLORS, the police, and the misinformed community.

In the state of california, massage therapists are to endure anywhere from $300 -$800 to get a permit to work, and a new permit is required in each different city because police view massage therapists as prostitutes – we need to get background screening and std tested and fingerprinted regardless of education or experience.

This is very discriminatory and ignorant. A massage therapist has no way of contacting his or her clients in a way to spread diseases. The police department is implying that all massage therapists are potential prostitutes which really should be against the law. If a massage therapist is tested for stds, then shouldnt bikini waxers, who work even closer to the genitalia, or even gynecologists, be tested too?? They are targeting a group of people because of their ignorance.

Only in the state of California do these stupid laws exist. In other states, there is a state licensing fee, so therapists don’t have to pay up their asses with licensing fees with every city they go to to work.

So there are the massage parlors who are mostly run by immigrants who don’t hold the license anyway, who give massage a bad name.

Then there are the community who engage in those activities further spreading the ignorance.

I’m tired of hearing about “happy endings” and prostitution when referred to my profession.

So I think the best way to resolve these issues is simple – legalize prostitution! Legalize it, so there’s no more need to hide it under the guise of “massage”, degrading and ruining massage therapy as a profession when there is a great need for it therapeutically. And even though some may not like the idea of prostitution, well, then that’s your belief but those that want to engage in it can, and can do it in a manner where it’s safer if those prostitutes are tested for diseases.

That just makes so much more sense over all.

So theres my angry 2 cents.

a blog done by a massage parlor girl

It just takes one hour out of your miserable day. One hour… starting with the tingle of the door chime as you enter my massage parlor, and continuing with the scent of incense you pick up as you enter. The dry-air heater probably greets your senses in the reception area, but as I slip into the room I bring with me a draft of cooler, fresher air… air scented with the soft fragrances of femalia. You know the smell… it’s soft and slightly perfumy but not commercial. It’s my own scent, and it comes from me keeping very very clean down there, yet very, very open to “possibilities”.

I spend all day in that warm, comfortable environment so I don’t need to wear restricting clothes of many layers. My soft hairs are just millimeters away from the skin of your fingertips, when your hand is placed appropriately. And in my massage parlor, your hands can be placed appropriately honey.

Your hour is briefly interrupted as I leave you to undress. Don’t lose that time, honey — it is part of the package. Undress in the open — the door is closed. As you stand there naked, let him hang out and sniff the surrounds. Let him stay out as I return. There is no need to be bashful. Just be you, inside the room, and I will see how you are, and believe me, I will love it. And if I comment that you need to cover up, just laugh and do so. It’s a formality. We save some of the fun for later, but at least you got that “how big is this guy down there” thing out of the way. Also, the way I look at you while you are all exposed will tell you everything you need to know about how open I am to your suggestions today. Trust me… I’ll let you (and him) know what can be expected.

Now just to be clear, consider for a moment respect for me. If you hang him out casually like you would in a gym, towel in hand ready to cover up if necessary, what’s the crime? Any personal care practitioner offended by that probably shouldn’t be in the business. But if you wave him proudly about like a giant redwood showing off to tourists in Northern California, well, let’s just say that’s inappropriate behavior. A non-sensual massage therapist will be offended and disgusted, and while I personally might find it amusing, most sensual massage girls will find it off-putting. The idea here is to break the ice, not smash it into a million tiny pieces.

Also leave some money out so I know you’re needy. We’re not negotiating a peace treaty here, so don’t get nervous about the barter. What you need to leave behind to satisfy my financial needs won’t break your bank. Just put out what you know my services are worth. Did you drop $150 on a dinner for two last Friday, after $30 in drinks at the bar? Was it worth it?  Did I greet you in stained sweat pants and dirty sneakers, or was I wearing a $200 outfit devoid of any signs of the guys who tipped me before you arrived? That’s right honey, you should pay for what you’re going to get, and be generous. Last thing you want is a girl looking to deliver only exactly what you paid for. Trust me… help her forget about whether or not your worth her time by warming her pocket right up front.

We may have a brief communication about the value of my wonderful femalia to you, but it won’t be a deep conversation and honestly, we both know what it’s worth under the circumstances. My best advice to you is leave what you would love to enjoy, and allow me to fulfill your consumer desires.

After 45 minutes or so of my attention, you will have completely forgotten about the economy, the banks, and retirement funds, and the stupid elections. In fact, right around that 45 minute mark, when you are 45 minutes INSIDE my massage session, you should be thinking of just one thing: how might this be made to last forever?

And that’s just about the time you and I can switch those sensations from build-up mode to take-over mode. Together, by letting go, those feelings of yours start to drive the bus instead of coming along for a ride. They take over, and things begin to change down there. You know it, and I can feel it, and it’s all good, honey. All good. Fall back and stp tensing up and just ride it and trust me… I’m feeling it too. There is somehting about the elasticity.. the thickening… and the fluidity of it all that just melts everything together and brings out the best of you.

The actual release of tension is best as it is ust starting, if you can stay relaxed as it swirls throught the entire event. Some guys call it “streaming” or “pouring” or “letting go” and if I can I’ll stretch that out as long as possible. Every moment is part of the memory you will take home with you. And if you can’t relax as it takes over, which I understand, you get that pulsing tension which is best handled in the after thought. Once it stops, I know how to coax it to sleep with long slow movements, as a way to help you recover.

That hour you spend can be heaven, if you let it. Choose wisely… pick a parlor where you know the people are good hearted people and you should be fine. Unfortunately, the best people in this business have the hardest time advertising, since it’s really not possible to tell the world what awaits them inside the session. So consider the little ad, the lone phone number, or the low-profile place that hints at promise. Avoid the big loud flashy ads, and instead look for me, honey. The quality comfort girl behind the cell phone, with the quiet little place off to the side, in the better neighborhood, and not open too late. You’ll be glad you did.

blogs on massage parlors

Caught on Tape: audio tape of a massage parlor bust

Since my post about massage parlor raids and arrests, I have received feedback from many customers and some providers about what exactly is illegal erotic massage, and why certain massage parlors get closed down by the local police. No one seems to be in agreement about why certain acts are considered illegal in one place and acepted in another. Also, there is confusion about what can and can’t be done legally during the “poker game of erotic massage“.

The Internet is also full of questions about this. Are hand signals ok, since they cannot be recorded? Can a police officer trick someone into getting arrested?

So I asked a friend of mine (a lady who has been through her share of massage parlor raids) and she has offered to give me a covert recording of a massage parlor sting operation. An actual, real world evidence tape recording of an undercover operation where a massage provider was arrested and charged with prostitution. I will post excerpts here as a WAV file for download.


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  9. Thanks for the information. Massage Parlours tread a thin link and if they where regulated, there would be less dangers, RE STD’s and human trafficking..

  10. It’s sad to hear the world bar Germany and Austria still view this industry as underground, apparently its one of the oldest professions.

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