Gilman Canon


  • The American in Me

  • The Glory of Living, a finalist for the 2001 Pulitzer Prize and won an Osborn Award, an After Dark Award, a Jeff Citation, the George Devine Award, and the Evening Standard Award for Most Promising Playwright (premiered Royal Court Theatre London 1999)

  • Spinning Into Butter, which won the Roger L. Stevens Award from the Kennedy Center Fund for New American Plays and a Jeff Award (Goodman Theater Chicago 1999)

  • The Crime of the Century

  • Boy Gets Girl (premiered Goodman Theater Chicago, 2000)

  • Blue Surge (premiered Goodman Theater, Chicago)

  • The Sweetest Swing in Baseball (Royal Court Theatre, 2004)

  • The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, adapted from the novel by Carson McCullers (premiered Alliance Theatre Company, Atlanta)

  • Dollhouse, adapted from Henrik Ibsen‘s play

  • The Crowd You’re In With (Magic Theatre, San Fransisco, 2008)

  • Bill of (W)Rights (2004)

  • The Boys are Coming Home (book by Gilman, music and lyrics by Leslie Arden)

  • Lord Butterscotch and the Curse of the Darkwater Phantom (co-written with Lisa Dillman and Brett Neveu; world premiere Fall ’07.)

  • Capitalism 101 (

  • Heaven and Hell (On Earth): A Divine Comedy (Humana Festival, Louisville, KY, 2001)

  • Land of Little Horses (

  • Speech Therapy (Humana Festival Louisville, KY, 1999)

Bill of (W)Rights is a political funhouse growing from a moment in history when self-censorship abounds and the populace is increasingly governed by fear. Nine playwrights offer ten plays, each based on one of the U.S. Constitution’s first ten amendments. These pieces focus less on government interference and more on the interpersonal, from a father and daughter facing a criminal trial to the silence of an unfaithful husband “pleading the fifth” to his family — not to mention a company of actors yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater. The creation of the script, encompassing a diversity of voices and opinions, was itself an act of democracy, demonstrating that theatre can be a voice of revelation and revolution.

Boy Gets Girl Theresa’s blind date with Tony seems to go well and she agrees to dinner. She has a successful career in New York and it is easier for her to commit to work than another person. But when flowers arrive every day and the phone keeps ringing, she doesn’t know whether to feel flattered, angry or threatened.

The Crowd Your In With over the barbecue many things are discussed. Is it the right time for a baby to is the chicken done. The play examines three couples at a backyard barbeque who reveal vastly different attitudes toward having children in the 21st century.

The Glory of Living Lisa journeys from unthinking acquiescence in abuse and murder to a recognition of her culpability and the vile manipulation of her husband.

Heaven and Hell (On Earth) A Divine Comedy: written by Robert Alexander, Jenny Lyn Bader, Elizabeth Dewberry, Deborah Lynn Frockt, Rebecca Gilman, Keith Glover, Hilly Hicks, Jr., Karen Hines, Michael Kassin, Melanie Marnich, Jane Martin, William Mastrosimone, Guillermo Reyes, Sarah Schulman, Richard. In this comic anthology – a collection of scenes and monologues – an array of devilishly talented playwrights put a contemporary spin on a fascinating eternal obsession. Grappling with their own diverse experiences of vice and virtue, salvation and damnation, characters from the twentysomething generation interpret their world with amusing revelations and surprising insights

Speech Therapy Audience members enter one of several phone booths, pick up the receiver and listen to a three-minute play unfold in conversation.

Spinning Into Butter explores the dangers of racism and political correctness. Set in a Vermont college, an incident of racism leads to some surprising discoveries and painful insight

Sweetest Swing in Baseball Dana’s the toast of the art world – a hot property. So when her work hits a crisis she goes into decline. Holed up in a psychiatric hospital, she’s looking for help. It comes, not from her insurance company, but from some unlikely friends and the inspirational swing of baseball legend Darryl Strawberry.


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