Burly Earl’s

Burly Earl’s (27)


Serving homemade original recipes from scratch since 1976. All meats, vegetables and cheeses are sliced fresh daily. All dressings, including ranch, blue cheese, horseradish and honey mustard are made from our own recipes. The HOTWING sauce is based on the original 1964 Buffalo wing sauce from Buffalo, NY, and is also made in-house. The chicken wings and chicken tenders are purchased fresh, not frozen, each day. The tenders are deep fried in our own Buttermilk Batter and will melt in your mouth. Colossal Onions are sliced daily and deep fried in our Beer Batter recipe that was developed almost 28 years ago. The Burly Earl has two specialty sandwiches, the Mac Arthur and the Friar that are battered and deep fried. We sell as many of these as we sell of our 6.5 oz. hamburgers. Each hamburger patty is weighed and prepared each day from 80% lean ground beef. All sandwiches are prepared from scratch and cooked when ordered. To compliment our food, enjoy the live bands that play on weekends from 9:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m., while you relax in the non-smoking dining area or enjoy the smoking area at the bar. All bar drinks are served by Joyce, who has been with the Burly Earl for twenty years. Come by today, come by tonite. Make plans for this weekend and bring friends.


The Burly Earl is more than a dive bar.  It is a UAB neighborhood hangout with regulars who consider it a home away from home.  In fact, they consider it family.
It is half restaurant half bar separated by a one door wall.  You have to enter thru the restaurant and rotate halfway to the open door to the bar.
It has a full bar with excellent pitcher prices, 2 pool tables, 1 monster TV at the end and 2 others behind the bar, half a dozen tables, and, I’ll say it again, a family of regulars at the bar.
One year I entered the Burly Earl and proceeded to the bar.  The room was full of mostly regulars, some I’d seen before, dressed up, I’m talking suits and dresses, and a giant table in the center of the room full of food.
They were having a wake.  Can you believe
a wake for an apparently well loved regular.  They had a little memorial set up against the far wall and everybody would regularly raise a glass to the departed.  There were several non-dry eyes in the crowd.  I’ll have to say that’s the first time I ever saw a wake in a bar.  I can think of a few that I might put on my list when I go.  But the point is, this was family.
Next year I went back to the Burly Earl.  Walked in, thru the door, and there was another packed house, food and all.  This crowd was considerably more cheerful and I found out this was a wedding reception, also for a couple of regulars.  The happy couple were making the rounds, hugging and smacking, and everybody was chowing down.  The point, again, this bar is family.
So, any of you looking for just a dive bar, don’t bother with the Burly Earl.  But if your looking for a great place to drink, eat, play pool, see a huge tv, and become part of a family, the Burly Earl is your bag.

A UAB neighborhood dive bar. Cheap beer and trailer-park chicks are what this joint is all about. Be prepared to get hit on by some 52 y.o. former Greg Allman groupie with saggy tits and fading tattoos….
Their menu is complete with every deep fried concoction you can imagine….. they’ll even do a Monte Christo deep-fried sandwich for you…. as if the calories in your giant 32 ounce Heineken weren’t enough.
They have a small filthy pool table last time I checked; they may have cleaned it by now….


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