Blue Surge Dramaturgy

Blue Surge Dramaturgy Information

I.  The Author – Rebecca Gilman

1.  Biography

2.  Canon

3.  Articles on Gilman

a.  Rebecca Gilman ’87 – short biographical article

b.  Q&A:  Laughing with Playwright Rebecca Gilman

c.  Spring Theater/A Roundtable; Talking Shop

4.  Review of Blue Surge

II.  The Place

1.  Estimated Location Information

2.  High School and Middle School References

3.  Massage Parlor Images

4.  Burly Earls

III.  Policemen and Hookers

1.  Police Definitions

2.  Interview with a Police Officer

3.  Articles Regarding Undercover Cops and Massage Parlors

a.  How far is too far for the sex cops?

b.  Vice Cops Caught Red-Handy-Handied

c.  Bloomfield Massage Parlors Busted

d.  Are You A Cop?

e.  Another Blow Against Prostitution Enforcement

f.  Limelight Shines on Lewd Tactics

g.  The Girls on the Bus

h.  Solicitation of Prostitution Solicitation, Prostitution, Pimping and Pandering

i.  Comments on news article regarding massage parlors

IV.  Miscellaneous Information

1.  Blue Serge

2.  Images of Leaves

3.  Jackson Cage Lyrics

4.  Other Miscellaneous References


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