Tupac is Alive

KEISHA: You know some people say she ain’t really dead.

ZORA: That’s just crazy.  What would be the point in pretending?

KEISHA: I’m not sayin’ it’s a fact, but everybody they say dead ain’t really dead.  Look at Tupac.

ZORA: Tupac’s dead, too.

KEISHA: All due respect, that’s where you wrong.  A friend of Deshawn’s baby cousin saw him at the club last New Year’s Eve.  A lotta people saw him.

MONA LISA: Maybe it was his ghost.

KEISHA: What ‘chu mean?

MONA LISA: Tupac’s ghost.

KEISHA: Ain’t no such thing as a ghost in real life.

MONA LISA: Yes there are.  All the time.  A lot of them come back on New Year’s Eve.  Same with Halloween.

KEISHA: Come back how?

MONA LISA: Just like me and you.  They walk around, talk to people, handle any business they left unfinished and then they go back.

KEISHA: You teasing me?

MONA LISA: That’s why you’re supposed to walk out of the cemetery backward after you bury somebody so the ghost doesn’t rise up out ot that ground and follow you home.

KEISHA: I never did that after no funeral!

MONA LISA: probably nobody did it after Tupac’s either and you see what happened to him.

My Alive Theories
Updated: 3/23/00
My Top Ten Reasons Why Tupac Shakur is ALIVE:

Point #1: I AIN’T MAD AT CHA
2Pac’s video, “I ain’t Mad at Cha” was released just a few days after he “died”. The video shows Pac dying very similar to the way that he did in real life and then going on to heaven. It is really weird. This is the last video released under 2Pac. His next video is Toss it Up and it is released under Makaveli. Why would he have done this???

Point #2: NO RIP 2 2PAC?
None of the 2Pac albums that were released after he died(Makaveil: 7 Day Theory, RU Still Down, and Greatest Hits) say anything like RIP Tupac Amaru Shakur. Don’t you think this is a little weird? Finally in “Still I Rise” they dedicated a section of the CD booklet to 2Pac and Kadafi. Don’t you think this is a little late considering they both died over 3 years ago?

In this album, the executive producer is listed as Simon, who is a previously unknown producer in the music industry. In the Bible Simon was an apostle of Jesus. He was one of the 1st to witness his Resurrection.(I Cor. 15:15). 2Pac is shown being crucified on a cross on the cover of the album which causes questions to whether or not he is planning a reserection. Also on the 1st 3 seconds of the 1st track a voice can be heard quietly saying “Suge shot me” what does this mean? Did Suge and Pac plan the shooting?? And that’s not the weirdest stuff yet! Check this out if you take all the letters from the title of the album, “Makaveli the Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory” you can spell out this: “OK ON THA 7TH U THINK I’M DEAD YET I’M REALLY ALIVE” Isn’t that amazing??? There is somthing up w/this album!!!
ADDED 3/12/00: I’ve been listening to this album more and found even more stuff! Check it out:
1)On Hail Mary just in the begining after he says “Makaveli in this, killuminati” he says in the background “seven years”
2)On “2 Live and Die in L.A.” at 1:20 after they sing “2 live and die in LA it the place 2 be”you can hear pac say “and Mexico” -he says this several times in the song if you listen closely. Does this mean that’s where Tupac is hiding???
3)Also on the song “Blasphemy” at the very end of the song(4:35) if you turn it up really really loud, you can hear pac softly sing, “i’ll be back”
4)This is one of the biggest I think at least. If you look at the back of the Makaveli CD case and you look at the bottom where it gives the address for death row it gives the address as beverly hills, CA 90212-0037. Everyone knows that the zip code for Beverly hills is 90210 right??? Why
would they get the zip code wrong?? well look at what it shows us 9021-forget this part but look at the last 5 digits 2003 and then 7!!! This is the first time we’ve ever really been told about 2003!!! and then the 7 at the end just shows that 7 years after his “death” that he’ll return in 2003!!!! I mean come on what do you think????? Although it is possible that a large place like Beverly Hills could have 2 zip codes(it does actually 90212-0037 is a 2nd zip code) I still think that this is a BIG clue because on “All Eyez On Me” the address for Death Row says it is in LA and now on Makaveli it says it’s located in Beverly Hills, it says the same on the “Gang Related” Soundtrack, as i’m sure it does on all Death Row albums released after his death. They must’ve moved their HQ after Pac died. Still kinda weird maybe they moved there so that they could have that Zip code to go along w/the 7 day theory so that pac could try and tell us somthing. or maybe it’s just a coincedence, but I don’t think so.

Point #4: 2PAC’S PLAN
In many of 2Pac’s songs he mentions a plan to get richer. Ex: Life of an Outlaw, Made Niggaz, Million Dollar Spot, Killuminati. Everyone knows that Pac couldn’t stand the media and the government. Was Pac’s plan to get richer to fake his death, thus making him even more popular bring in even MORE $$$ and also escaping the government and the media??

The only witness to the Las Vegas shooting was Yafeu Fula aka Yaki Kadafi, member of the Outlawz. He was found on November 10th in a New Jersey apartment shot and murdered execution style. Was he about to open his mouth about Pac not really being dead? Or is he just hiding out w/Pac??

This was a previously unreleased track that was included on the Greatest Hits album. At the beginning of the song 2Pac says, “Rest in peace to my mutha f*cka Biggie Smalls, that’s right boy it’s goin on” To me this say’s rest in peace to Biggie thats right I’m not dead!!! Now I know that they have tried to say that he was talking about another Biggie Smalls or that he was saying this to complement Biggie’s “Ready 2 Die” album but I don’t think so. What do you think???

The #7 Occurs so many times throughout 2Pac’s life and career it just can’t be ignored. First of all he was born in 1971. The first album released after his death is entitled, “Makaveli the don Killuminati: the 7 day theory. This album was released 7 months after “All Eyez on Me” to the day. He was shot on Sept. 7. survived the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and died on the 13th at exactly 4:03PM(4+0+3=7). He was 25 years old(2+5=7). According to Daz Dilliger there is enough material to make about 700 more 2Pac tracks. Also in the movie “Gang Related” 2Pac plays a cop. His badge number is “115”(1+1+5=7) There it is again!!! Also in the song “Blasphemy” on the Makaveli album as the man says, “unless the lord does return in the coming 7 days…” after 7 days if you listen closely you can hear Pac say “seven years” Does this mean he will be back in 2003???? Also on Hail Mary just in the begining after he says “Makaveli in this, killuminati” he says in the background “seven years”

2Pac got the alias “Makavel” from a 16th century Italian philosipher named Nicolas Machiavelli. Machiavelli wrote 3 books: The Art of War, Discourses Upon the First Ten Books of Titus Livy, and “The Prince”. 2Pac had supposedly read Machiavelli’s books several times. In Discourses Upon the First Ten Books of Titus Livy, Machiavelli writes that “a prince who wishes to achieve great things must learn to deceive”. In “Makaveli the Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory” it says Exit:2pac, Enter: Makaveli. Is the only way for 2Pac to live the life he wants to deceive his enemies by faking his own death and living on as the unseen Makaveli???

This is a new track on the “Still I Rise” album. On this track 2Pac says, “Wonda why these niggaz crossed me I’m certified crazy so sick the world made me, NOW BIGGIE DIED every time I ride it’s 4 reasons HARD TO KILL A NIGGA CAUSE I’M COMMIN BACK LIKE JESUS!” How do they explain this??? One he says that Biggie died I don’t think that he was talking about anyone other than the Notorious B.I.G. aka Christopher Wallace and Two he says that he’s comming back like Jesus!! Does this mean that he will be back in 2003??? I think so!!!

There is just so much unreleased 2Pac Material. Daz Dillinger says that there is enough to make about 700 more 2Pac tracks. Now I would believe that 2Pac would’ve left some songs for his fans but 700??? That is just way to many! I think that they are just giving us some astronomical number so that he can keep doing his thing while people think he is dead.

Other Things that Need to Be Considered:

1)2Pac’s Autopsey Photo-Now this is just about the only evidence that I think could kill any alive theory. But I don’t believe that it is real. Anybody with the $$$ that 2Pac had could hire someone to make a fake autopsey picture. It wouldn’t take that much you could make it on a computer or you could just hire some Hollywood makeup artist and I’m sure they could hook u up with a phat looking autopsey Picture too. Also the autopsy report is all wrong 2! It says 2Pac is 6 foot and weighs 215. Nope try again. It’s all wrong. Click Here to see the picture if you want. This picture is not 4 everyone if u doubt whether or not you want to see it you probably shouldn’t even try 2 look at it.

2)Bone Thug’s THUG LUV-2Pac raps on this song that was released after he died. During the song, 2Pac comes out and says “Wuz Poppin’ Nigga?” and Bizzy Bone says, “HE’S ALIVE, HE’S ALIVE, HE’S ALIVE!” Whats up w/this?? Are they in on Pac’s plan 2???

3)Picture taken on 1998 New Years Eve-A picture was taken and in a crown of people at Times Square appears to be 2Pac. Click Here to View the Pic for yourself. Personally I think it’s him.

4)2Pac Was Released Only on Bail-He was released ON BAIL in 1996 pending an apeal. I think what this means is there was a chance that he could have been sent back 2 prison. This is another plus of faking your death. You wouldn’t have 2 go back 2 jail!!!

5)2Pac Seen Wearing Previously Unreleased Shoes-I can’t remember the exact points on this one but 2Pac was seen in several videos wearing shoes that were not released until after he died!!! How could this happen????

6)NIGGAZ DONE CHANGED-On this song 2Pac says, “I’ve been shot and murdered can’t tell u word 4 word but best believe that niggaz gonna get what they deserved.” I know he isn’t talking about the NY shooting cause he told us all about that. He’s talking about being shot in Las Vegas. Biggie got what he deserved and now Puffy better watch his back.

7)MADE NIGGAZ-on this song 2Pac says, “F*ck em all let em understand my plot to get richer, much more than 6 figures” Since Pac “died” he has been more popular than ever and I don’t know this 4 sure but probably brought in more $$$ since 1996 than he did in his entire life. Faking his death is his plot to make much more that 6 figures!

8)STARING THROUGH MY REARVIEW-on this song 2Pac says, “Staring at the world through my rearview, just looking back at the world, from a another level, u know what I mean?” I know what he means. He’s just sitting back watching the world bringing in MAD $$$ and just waiting til 2003.

9)Only One Picture From that Night in Vegas??-The only picture from that night was 2Pac in his car w/Suge before they pulled out? How come in the middle of the night in NY when nothing was going on a photographer can get a pic of Pac getting in the ambulance but in Las Vegas on the night of a Tyson fight this is the only picture we get?? Just think about it.

10)Autopsy and Cremated Way Too Fast-Supposedly he was examined and cremated less than 24 hours after his “death” This is just way too quick for anyone let alone a “murder” victim.

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