The Autumn Garden dramaturgy: 1949 television

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At the end of the war, only 5,000 television sets, with five inch black & white screens, were in American homes. By 1951, 17 million had been sold. The Original Amateur Hour, a revival of a popular radio show, was the first top-rated show in 1948 . Milton Berle’s slapstick comedy, Texaco Star Theater, was credited with creating the demand for televisions. Its greatest rival was Ed Sullivan’s Toast of the Town.

Kukla, Fran & Ollie kicked off children’s television as Junior Jamboree in 1947, followed by the Howdy Doody Show.

Television made its debut at the 1939 World Fair, but the war interrupted further development. In 1947, commercial television with 13 stations became available to the public.

The Goldbergs 1/17 on CBS is the first TV situation comedy. Derived from the radio show first aired in 1929, it stars Molly Berg, now 50, will continue until late June 1951, and be followed by dozens of “sitcoms”; Quiz Kids 3/1 on NBC (on CBS from 1/53 to 9/27/1956)

The Martin and Lewis Show 4/3 on NBC with Steubenville Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis; Candid Camera on ABC; Mr. I. Magination; Captain Video and His Video Rangers on Dumont with Jack Vance as the Guardian of the Safety of the World, an electronic wizard whose 20-minute episodes aboard his rocketship Galaxy are broadcast live daily; The Magic Cottage; The Magic Clown 9; The Lone Ranger; The Life of Riley 10/4 on NBC with Jackie Gleason in a series written by Sumner Arthur Long; The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences confers its first Emmy Awards.


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