The Autumn Garden dramaturgical research

Table of Contents

I. Time Period

A. 1910s, 1920s, 1940s
B. 1949 in Particular

1. Political Events
2. Human Rights and Social Justice
3. Commerce
4. Transportation
5. Technology
6. Science and Medicine
7. Education
8. Communication and Media
9. Visual Art
10. Literature
11. Theater and Film
12. Television
13. Music
14. Sports
15. Everyday Life
16. Fads
17. Architecture and Real Estate
18. Agriculture
19. Food and Drink

II. Location

A. Louisiana
B. Mississippi
C. Biloxi
D. President Broadwater Casino Resort

III. Script Reference Guide

A. Antibes
B. Vice President Barkley
C. Dianetics
D. Renoir
E. Robert Taylor
F. Gardenia
G. German Occupation of France
H. General Definitions (Isotta, Mandolin, Modiste, Nouveau Riche, New York Times, Palmetto fan, Pompano, Syphilis, Tapeworm, Tehran)
I. Pass Christian
J. West Point

IV. Lillian Hellman

A. Biography
B. Quotes
C. Canon

IV. Other Information

A. Images
B. Websites


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