Mining: Statement on the Decline of Mothers wanting their sons to mine

Table of Contents

“How many mothers, who read this, desire their sons-the sons of coal miners-to become miners? We fear that the answer will be few, although when analyzed carefully why not? It is true coal mining is not a white collar occupation. It is not attractive to the molly-coddle, it is a real man’s work. These facts eliminate the fastidious who will of course be more in place measuring ribbons behind some counter, or being supported by some good natured, hard working wife who still holds on to the job she had before marriage. The physically weak cannot stand up to the work. The man without nerve never makes a success underground, and many of those who are not thus eliminated, through choice or by circumstances or by conditions, have fond parents who would prefer their sons to be doctors, lawyers or ministers. And why not? There is nothing more natural than the deep interest parents have in their sons. The trouble is that parents and capable sons alike do not get the right slant on the vocation of coal mining…

Taken all in all, coal mining as a vocation affords comparatively steady employment, big pay, good working conditions and good living conditions, in addition to excellent and numerous opportunities for advancement. In fact, as compared with other vocations, coal mining is a desirable vocation which may lead to the realization of any competent man’s highest ambition.

Consolidation Coal


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