Mining: Accident Occurences

Table of Contents

A coal inspector was “picking slate frame a trip [a string of coal cars] that was standing still on the tipple.

He had his foot on the rail when the trip started to move,” running over his foot.

Roberts was less fortunate. He was “pushing loads back with the motor and had an empty car next to the motor. The empty car picked the switch [jumped the track] and wrecked. Motor bumpers were not protected with guards and the wrecked car slid up over the bumper, squeezing his leg between the end of the car and the controller. His thigh was broken, causing him to lose 124 days.”

Gordon Hurd was repairing a mine locomotive when a coworker “came over to the motor and pushed the trolley pole out of his way causing it to strike the wire and the motor to run forward mashing Hurd’s leg against another motor.”

Paposih was “pushing a car to the dump and walking back of same. Several cars broke loose and followed after him, catching him between the bumpers and throwing him on his knees. He was dragged between the cars until the front car struck the car on the dump.  His legs were crushed causing injuries from which he died.”


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