Candles to the Sun dramaturgical research

Table of Contents

I. Excerpt: Pentimento

II. Thomas Lanier “Tennessee” Williams (March 26, 1911 – February 25, 1983)

A. Family & Early Life

B. Middle Life

C. Later Life / Death

D. Writing

E. Thematic Material

F. Characters

G. Cultural References

H. Williams on Williams

I. Quotes on Williams

J. The Canon

III. Article: Candles to the Sun production at University of Illinois

IV. Mining

A. General

B. Mining Techniques

C. The Industrial Revolution

D. Pre-World War II Mechanization & the Decline of Coal

E. Miner Unions

F. Mining Terrorists

G. Modern Safety

H. Common Accidents and Injuries

I. Disasters

J. Records

K. Anthracite v. Bituminous Mining

L. Alabama Mining Museum

M. Company Town

N. Mining and Safety

O. Accident Occurrences

P. Statement on the Decline of Mothers wanting their sons to Mine

V. References in Candles to the Sun

A. Ace of Spades

B. Alabama

C. Baptist Cemetery

C. Beulah Land and Jordan

D. Bolshevik

E. Chicory

F. Cooperative Commonwealth

G. Cottonwood

H. Honeysuckle

I. Jezebel

J. Luke

K. Moses

L. Mush

M. Pellagra

N. Persimmon

O. Scab

P. Scrip

Q. Silicosis

VI. Articles

A. “First Coal Was Mined….”

B. “Cahaba Coal Field”

C. “Community Life in a Historic Coal Camp”

D. “Palos, Alabama No. 2 Coal Mine Explosion, May 5, 1910”

E. “Mining Camp Blues”

F. “Mine Explosion at Helena Takes Toll”

G. “Everybody was Black Down There”

H. “Labor Unions in Alabama – In the Coalfield”

I. “My Observations on Growing up in the 1930’s”

J. Information regarding The Anvil


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