How to Make Friends with Corsets

An interesting idea came up during the discussion that followed yesterday’s performance of Intimate Apparel (we have discussions after all Sunday matinee performances): the idea that a corset can create a friendship.

Intimate Apparel Kelly Owens Skye Shrum


An audience member started the conversation by asking the cast how their work as actors is affected by the costumes – a great question to explore in a period drama about a seamstress, where the clothes really do take center stage. Since all of the women in the play wear corsets (designed by Costume Designer Rachel Lambert), they all had strong opinions on the subject. On of the most interesting things that came up is that it’s not possible to get into a corset by yourself — you need another person’s help to tighten and tie the corset. This need for help, in an inherently intimate setting, creates a genuine bond between women that our cast felt both as actors and as characters.

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