A look back at the 4th of July

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Ever wonder what the holiday may have been like in 1905? Perhaps not…but thanks to Lynn Nottage’s play coming up real soon, we have!



We took a look at what people might have been up to on this important day off of work.

These young ladies are on the beach on Coney Island. Take a look at those bathing suits!


But Esther Mills, the African American seamstress who is the central character in Intimate Apparel, would not have been allowed to be there…

Despite Coney’s democratic spirit, which brought together people of various classes, the segregation universal in American society was also seen there.   Though Coney was often called the “People’s Playground,” not everyone was always allowed to play in the same places. African Americans had to use segregated bath houses and were discouraged from occupying certain sections of the beach.   Jews were also not welcome at first in some establishments.

In fact, all but one of the characters in the play would have been banned!

Click here to continue reading this article about Coney Island. 





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