First rehearsal

The 2010 Arthur Miller Season officially began last night, with the first rehearsal of Resurrection Blues, scheduled to open (as a Chicago Premiere!) on March 28th at the Greenhouse Theater in Lincoln Park. After two years of celebrating our first decade of playwrights, it was exciting for all of us to return to the “One Playwright, One Season” format and kick off our year-long journey with Arthur Miller.

First read through of Resurrection Blues

With a small audience of subscribers and friends, the cast dove into the script with a fantastic first read through, exploring the rhythms, humor and big ideas in Miller’s penultimate play. The story, which satirizes politics, media and faith in a very contemporary setting, shows a different side of the playwright, even as it explores the themes that resonate throughout Miller’s work. And this cast – a wonderful group of talented actors who are all passionate about this script – had a blast playing with those themes.

Now the real work begins – we’ll spend the next few days sitting around a table talking, asking questions, and maybe finding some answers, and then we’ll start putting scenes on their feet and see where they take us over the next five weeks. Stay tuned for more thoughts, photos from rehearsals, and videos as we go along.


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