Cleage – Upcoming Playwright Scholar Series!

Eclipse puts on several Playwright Scholar Series events each season to give the audience a deeper look into each writers canon.

This Saturday, August 1st at 2pm, we will be exploring the prose, poetry and essays of Pearl Cleage.

Ensemble members JP Pierson and Sarah Moeller selected inspirational excerpts out of her writing and brought these pieces to the table at the first rehearsal for the Playwright Scholar Series last night.

It was a great rehearsal.  A group of six actors (male and female) assembled to read selected pieces.  They were given some time to read through the pieces themselves and then choose the piece each actor felt strongest about.  After hearing each piece out loud we discussed more about Pearl Cleage, what inspires her, what inspires us about her and then dismissed for the evening to take some time to reflect on the insightful pieces we had heard over the evening.

Tonight we will meet for rehearsal number two and revisit each piece that was read last night and then work more on how the pieces will be read and presented Saturday afternoon.

We hope you can join us for this event!!  It is free for subscribers and $5 suggested donation for non-subscribers.

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