Fifteen days

I’ve spent the last few days creating an Eclipse Intranet for our office staff to use (with great thanks to the fine folks at Google), and I had a moment of total disbelief when I set up a tool that counts down the days to each production. I put in the date of Opening Night for A Song for Coretta (June 14th), and it told me that that’s only 16 days away. 16 days? And that was yesterday, so now it’s telling me that we have 15 days left until the show opens. 15 days.

Wait a minute, didn’t we just have the first rehearsal? And weren’t we just in the middle of Blue Surge? And, heck, wasn’t it only yesterday that I was worried about too-short biking shorts in an obscure Tennessee Williams play?

Niccole Thurman, Ebony Wimbs, TayLar, Kelly Owens and Kristy Johnson in Pearl Cleages emA Song for Coretta/em

Niccole Thurman, Ebony Wimbs, TayLar, Kelly Owens and Kristy Johnson in Pearl Cleage's A Song for Coretta

Time does have a habit of moving way too fast, especially when we’ve got a lot of great projects in the works. And fortunately not everyone is as surprised as I am – I watched a run through at rehearsal a few days ago, and the cast definitely looks ready to go. Sarah is already working tiny little moments; work that directors sometimes don’t have time to get to. Clearly she and her actors have been doing their homework and aren’t feeling the time crunch the way I am. We start loading into the theater on Monday, we have tech rehearsals next weekend, and then we’ll have audiences before we know it.

And, although I miss the great projects we were working on, there’s not a lot of time to look back. The fancy new gadget tells me that we’ve got 57 days until Six Degrees of Separation and 67 days until Plaza Suite. There’s still 169 days until Democracy, so that’s like forever away. Right?


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