Coretta Rehearsal – Day 3

Day 3 of Rehearsal-Ownership?

We just completed the third day of rehearsal for “A Song for Coretta”

To recap Day 1 was the first read through in which we invite subscribers, ensemble members and other friends of the company to hear designer presentations and hear the actors read the script aloud together for the first time.  Day 2 was a wonderful dramaturg presentation from Katie, dramaturg and ensemble member.  She gaves the cast, management team and director insights into Pearl Cleage, Coretta Scott King, the civil rights movement, the war in the middle east, teenage pregnancy, Hurricane Katrina and other information pertinent to having a deeper understading of the world of the play.  Day 3, today, our first chance to really dive into the script.  This is really the day I, as the director, have been waiting for.  The first chance to get the actors in a room together and talking about the world of the play, the characters, what drives them, where they came from, why are they here.

I had a wonderful evening.  We have assembled a fine, beautiful cast of women ready and excited to tell the stories Cleage puts forth in her script.  We spent the evening reading through the script at a large conference table and stopping many times to discuss points in the script intertwined with our thoughts, feelings, inclinations regarding motives, intentions and using our own personal experience and knowledge to lead to new discoveries.   I am excited to continue the process tomorrow as we go through the last third of the script as over the course of this evening I was reassured that I am working with a group of incredibly intelligent, hard-working, thoughtful and inquisetive women.  Just the type that need to be in a room together to bring Cleage’s brilliant work to life.  OK, maybe I sound a bit like a marketing person at the moment, I just have to express my excitment and pleasure in bringing this piece to life and I am more than excited to continue on this journey over the course of the next few weeks!


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