Live blogging from backstage

2:04 – I just arrived at the theater a few minutes ago. We’re sold out and then some today, so I need to keep the producer hat on for a few more minutes. Warmups, notes and fight call start in six minutes – I’ll be back soon.

2:28 – The box office chaos is (mostly) under control, I’ve had a chance to practice getting punched in the face, and now I’m off to make sure my props and costumes are set where I’ll need them to be during the show. The first things I need, for a quick change after my first scene: socks, underwear and a gun. It’s a fun show …

2:42 – The house is open – I can hear only a few people out there right now, but we’re waiting on the group from MSU, so it’ll get a lot louder any minute. I just finished my warmups – pushups, situps, and some stretching, and now I just wait for the house lights to dim.

2:51 – Yeah, it just got a lot louder out there. I hope everybody got a seat.

2:57 – We’re holding for five minutes. I guess they’re trying to find seats for everyone. “Holding” is the right word for us as we’re backstage – we’re ready to start the show, and now we need to keep that energy and focus as we wait. Which means I probably shouldn’t be blogging right now, but what the heck.

3:00 – I just overheard the organizer of the MSU group tell her students that there’s no photography allowed during the show. Considering my first costume, I appreciate that.

3:10 – We’re off and running, a few minutes late. I’m not in the first scene, so I still have a few minutes to let my jittery nerves run their course. I think I’ll pace around the dressing room.

3:29 – Finished the nude scene and the first quick change. We’re in scene three now. The show’s going well, and this audience is giving us a lot of energy. Days like this are a lot of fun.

3:33 – I was just backstage waiting to do the set change after scene three. At the end of that scene, Curt tells his girlfriend not to be jealous of the prostitute he tried to arrest in the first scene. “It was just work,” he says. “I can’t even remember what she looked like.” From somewhere in the audience, as the lights were going down, we could hear someone say “Yeah, right.” Yeah, it’s going to be a fun day …

3:57 – Just did the fight scene. The package claims that the blood packs I use are “pleasant-tasting.” The package lies.

4:09 – Intermission. Lots of energy and noise from out in the house. I wonder if they know – Michigan State just beat Louisville 64-52. They’ll play Connecticut next week in the Final Four.

4:26 – This is probably the last time I have enough of a break to blog until the end of the show. This play moves fast, especially act two, and I need to stay focused so I don’t miss an entrance. I’ll be back if I can.

4:46 – My work here is done. Just waiting for the curtain call now. And the post-show discussion, which I’m really looking forward to. Kevin and Laura are in the final, heartbreaking scene on stage right now. It sounds like it’s hitting well – a great finish to a strong show.


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