Jim Cramer & Jon Stewart

Last night was the final rehearsal before we move into our home at the Greenhouse. The mania and fun that is Tech week is now upon us, and it’s odd to think that so much time has passed since the very first read through.

So, like most nights after rehearsal, I get home and  wind down; I am so amped up during rehearsals, I need a good hour to relax and come down. I usually pop on The Daily Show after I have returned e-mails and gotten some business done. If any of you who are reading this have not seen Thursday night’s episode, watch it NOW!

I will provide the basic gist of the episode: Jon Stewart had been all week and last tarnishing and slamming CNBC for their lack of reporting and possible negligence and complacency in this whole market trouble. So, enter Jim Cramer of Mad Money, to be the kind of buffer for the network and Jon’s jabs at their failures. This is a great interview and speaks to what I think most Americans are feeling  right now: anger, confusion, completely baffled and a sense of betrayal.

Blue Surge is a brave piece of writing that is deeply relevant for our times right now, and I imagine will remain a powerful piece of writing  and theatre about the present state of The American Dream. And, all of these elements that I listed above, anger, confusion, bafflement, betrayed, and frustration are all apart of this piece.  There is an almost eerie echo going on in this play. All week, with what the headlines have been blowing up, and what we are doing in rehearsals this is coming so much closer to home. And that is exciting! That is what is amazing. Rebecca Gilman has written something that is almost ten years old and speaks to our present moment loud and clear and with such depth, intelligence and concern and love for the people that this crisis and event is really slamming.  There is something wonderful, humbling, and honoring in producing a play that speaks for people and understands that sometimes the choices are not many, that sometimes you are left with two options.

There is a touching anger throughout Blue Surge . I know that that seems like an oxymoron, but there is something moving about an emotion, be it sadness, joy, desperation, etc.. that everyone universally feels. Who among us can deny that there is an element of  universal anger in all of us at what is going on. There is unity in that, and in being apart of this play, hearing the words and seeing this cast really grab hold of these characters and their predicaments with such grace, truth, and thunder, this play has spoken to many of my concerns of what is going on right now in this country. That is something remarkable.

So, here is the assignment: Watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the march 12th episode and come out and see Blue Surge.


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