2010: a new odyssey

It doesn’t seem that long ago that 2010 was the stuff of sci-fi fantasy stories; a year when cars would fly, robots would live among us, and we would make contact with a giant baby floating through space. Or something like that.

And yet there it is, sitting just over the horizon in the very real and non-fantasy way the immediate future always sits there. Maybe we will have flying cars and indestructible cyborgs in the next nine months, but it’s probably more realistic to assume that next year will be mostly like this one, and get to the work of planning what we’ll do then.

For us, that means choosing a new playwright. After a two-year celebration of our mission statement, we’re ready to dig back in to a full year-long exploration of a single storyteller. And although 2010 still feels a long way off, it’s getting closer every day, and we’re well on our way through the process of finding the next artistic voice to embrace.

The process started months ago, when we formed a five-person Artistic Committee within the ensemble and started reading. A lot. We had a list of over a dozen playwrights to consider – recommendations from ensemble and board members, subscribers, friends and playwrights (and yes, many of those groups overlap). The committee spent months reading plays by everyone on the list, discussed, argued, and narrowed the list to four. There are a lot of things to think about as we decide which writers to include on this list, but in the end it comes down to a search for stories that we feel a connection to – stories that we feel we need to tell.

The first public part of this process is only a couple of weeks away: we’ll be performing scenes from the four playwrights at the Total Eclipse Benefit on Sunday, March 8th (and yes, tickets are still available). We’ll be looking for feedback from the audience there, and we’d love to hear your thoughts here as well. Here’s the lineup for the Total Eclipse performance:

The Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh
Broken Glass by Arthur Miller
The Action Against Sol Schumann by Jeffrey Sweet
The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek by Naomi Wallace

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