The American Dream

The phrase “the American Dream” is part of the show description of Blue Surge on our website.  So, as I’m looking around for inspiration for the dramaturgically driven lobby display, what do I do, I turn to google…..I mean isn’t that where we all turn when we are looking for inspiration?  Either google or facebook, one of the two will surely have the answer.

I divert, back to the story, I googled the American Dream and thought I should share some of my results.

There is actually a Wikipedia article regarding “The American Dream” the classic story of “life, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness”…..the opporutunity to make choices without the restrictions of race, class, color or creed.

I also got the lyrics to Lil’ Wayne’s song “The American Dream” which include:

Mr.Mike Tyson flow,uppercut all yawl
step into my ring bitches,ding ding bitches
click clack pow pow ping ping bitches
im the Dream machine i mean keen vision

fuckin right imma monster

Which if I’m interpreting correctly, I think describe a different American Dream….I’ll let you link to the lyrics to interpret for  yourself.

There is also the American Dream Downpayment Initiative.

And….the newest addition to the story about the American Dream

“We have begun the essential work of keeping the American dream alive in our time,” he [Obama] said, before affixing his signature to the $787 billion stimulus bill passed by Congress on Friday.

So it leads me to no actual conclusion……What is the American Dream?


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