Autumn Garden Previews start Wednesday

We have a full run through tonight – our final rehearsal before the actors move in to the Greenhouse Theater this weekend. We’ve been working and running each act individually over the last few nights, and I’m looking forward to putting the pieces back together again tonight.

The Autumn Garden is filled with stories that weave in and out and over one another, and each story is thick with detail and truth.

Nora Fiffer and Stephen Dale in The Autumn Garden

Nora Fiffer and Stephen Dale in The Autumn Garden

The young adopted niece from German-occupied France longs to return home but accepts an arranged marriage with a wealthy young gay man who needs to marry to retain his family’s social standing. The veteran of two World Wars rallies his energy for one final battle for his own personal freedom while his childish wife fights to keep her world from collapsing. The struggling owner of a summer resort, one short generation removed from the wealth and status of her family’s past, searches for answers to her life’s emptiness in the opportunity she missed when the man she loved left twenty years ago. Or the other side of that story: the self-centered artist who returns to his childhood home to insinuate himself into the lives of the people he left twenty years ago …

And this only scratches the surface – the brilliance of this script is the richness of each individual story and the beauty of the whole.

We have preview performances next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – tickets are only $5 for industry folks (which includes blog readers; just ask the box office for the “industry” discount when you call them at 773-404-7336). The previews are our last opportunities to explore and play with these stories and make sure they’re all being told clearly, so we’d love to hear what you think as we get ready for Opening Night next Saturday.


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