Plaza Suite – Broadway Production Part 2

With baseball season in full swing and the Cubs (and the White Sox…..) in first place in their respective divisions I’ll tip my hat to the teams with a little anecdote about the Broadway Show League softball tournament.

George C. Scott, who played the lead in the original Broadway production of Plaza Suite, played for their softball team in the Broadway Show League, a softball tournament played in Central Park from early spring to early summer. Scott was the pitcher and if someone made it to first off him he would stand in the path to second base and say:

“You may have gotten a single off me but you sure as hell ain’t going to second. Go on, get back.”

And the runner would inevitably go back to first base.


2 Responses

  1. Neil Simon. Great fun. Great story telling. Fun characters. Plots you can follow. Popular with the public. Do you think he is THE American playwright? And if he is not, then who is?

  2. I think he’s definitely the most successful American playwright – in terms of money, awards, and sheer number of productions by professional and amateur companies. And I’d guess that he’s far and away the most well-known playwright to American audiences.

    I don’t know if he’s the American playwright in the sense of being representative of American playwriting – who else should be considered for that? Tennessee Williams? Arthur Miller? Edward Albee? Those are just some initial thoughts … I’ll start a new post for folks to weigh in …

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