Plaza Suite update

I’m sorry for the pathetically slow blogging recently – I keep thinking tomorrow’s going to be the day when I get caught up and find a few minutes to post something, and then tomorrow shows up and turns into today before suddenly becoming yesterday.

You know what I mean, right?

So I have just a few minutes before heading off to tonight’s rehearsal for Plaza Suite, and wanted to give a quick update:

We’ve been rehearsing for a little over two weeks now, and tonight is the last time I’m still allowed to carry the script with me.

For these last two weeks we’ve been working on the blocking – where and how we move, how we use props and furniture – and developing our characters. Once we’ve got the lines memorized, we can start to really play.

I remember a point in the rehearsals for Come Blow Your Horn, which was my first experience acting in a Neil Simon play, when I started to understand the technical genius of his writing. It’s not just that his characters are witty (they are) or that he creates absurd situations for them to deal with (he does), but there’s a specific rhythm to his writing – the words and the pauses between words – that needs to be honored for the humor to really pop. We’ll be exploring and fine-tuning that rhythm over the next few weeks before our first audience on July 17th.

It’s interesting to note that in this rehearsal process, since reading the full script together at the first rehearsal, we’ve been rehearsing each act separately. It’s really the only way to work on a show like this (which is basically three one-act plays which all happen to take place in the same suite at New York’s Plaza Hotel), but it’s strange to spend so much time away from some of my fellow cast members. We’ll be putting all three acts back together at the end of next week, and I can’t wait to see all the fun they’ve been having in the rehearsals I haven’t been at.

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