Friday photo rescue

Hot off the presses from Plaza Suite:

Plaza Suite by Neil Simon


3 Responses

  1. That is a lovely suitcase you have there JP.

  2. I LOVE the colorful photographs you have here at the Eclipse Theatre Company blog, but I do have a question: Why are so many theatre publicity photographs so baaaaad?

    You’ve seen them–black background, huge wide shot of an unlit stage with itty-bitty actors looking kind of bored. Photographs like these probably look nice as a oversized color print, but I think they just look silly as an illustration for a newspaper story. Shots like that don’t make me want to go see some new show.

    The reason I ask is that your shots are very dynamic and I’d like to see Better more Inspiring photographs used to promote my own plays. I just don’t know how to teach that skill to theatre directors and managers. Any suggestions?

  3. Thanks, Rodney –

    We had a blast working on this photo shoot here – we used a suite at the Drake Hotel as our backdrop, and our photographer had some great ideas for active shots.

    The most important thing, of course, is to make sure you have a good photographer (this photo was taken by the wonderful Scott Cooper at ArchetypeImages, and we’ve been lucky to work with several great photographers for the photos you see throughout this blog). And I don’t just mean technically good with the camera – if you can work with someone who understands the dynamics of the show and the characters, you’ll probably end up with some great shots.

    We have another photo shoot coming up on Monday, to get production shots of Plaza Suite – I’ll put up a post next week looking a little more into our process and sharing some of the thoughts behind the photos we choose from that.

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