Britney Spears to play Blanche DuBois

Part of me hopes this is a terrible April Fool’s Day rumor; part of me is fascinated by the idea of it:

Britney Spears to star in West End show?

A “source” – who I assume is from the London theatre that’s allegedly offering her the role, but I guess it could have been anyone – explained the logic:

“She’s living out the story, so to harness that on stage would be amazing for an audience to see — and cathartic for Britney, too.”

We talk a lot at post-show discussions about the experience of playing characters whose emotional journeys are especially draining, and how much of ourselves we bring to the roles we play. I haven’t followed the Britney drama that closely over the last few years, but from what I know of her life (which comes mostly from standing in line at grocery stores), I get the feeling that the “source” is on to something here …


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