Opening night

Candles to the Sun opened last Saturday night, for only the third fourth time since Tom Williams was sitting in the audience in 1937. I couldn’t get a seat for myself (never a bad problem to have), but from everything I heard it was a wonderful show, and a great reception with the actors and the audience after.

Now we get to watch the show evolve as the incredible 16-person cast starts a six week run, and we get the opportunity to talk to audiences about the production, the process and the history of this seventy-one year old Premiere. Join us for post-show discussions after the Sunday matinee shows – as always, I’ll be sharing some moments from those discussions here as we go along, and I’m excited to start the conversation.


4 Responses

  1. Please note that “Candles To The Sun” was performed at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois last year 2007. That was the third time since Tom Williams sat in the audience.
    Thanks so much,
    Lauren Rawitz

  2. Lauren –

    Thanks for letting us know – I changed the post above to be more accurate. Were you involved with the Stevenson production? How did it go?

    Thanks –


  3. It was a wonderful production…
    • Seen a lot of Tennessee Williams but didn’t know this play
    • Had no great expectations and, boy was I wrong.
    • Social realism of the 1930’s with acting that gave empathy and understanding
    • And a very engaging & informative post-show discussion.

  4. Thanks, Bernie!

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