Second Day of Rehearsal-Let’s Start Diggin’!

To follow on Nat’s last post-

Day Two: This time 16 actors, a director and a dramaturg came through some crazy sleet to start digging into Tennessee Williams’ first full length play, Candles to the Sun. Rehearsal started with a dramaturg session, which, generally speaking, consists of the director and dramaturg unloading piles of information on the cast. In this case it was primarily regarding the life and times of Williams and the persons in the play. Candles is set in a coal mining town in the Red Hills of Alabama around the 1930’s, clearly very different from 21st century Chicago. The purpose of the session is to give the actors an idea of what the lives of the characters in they play were like. Loads of information regarding Williams and the coal mining industry was given to the cast and discussed, leaving imaginations to wonder about what life really was like in a small mining camp in Alabama nearly 80 years ago.

Stay tuned to the blog for more information! In the not so distant future you will be able to read some of the information the cast was given tonight to read and discuss further the world of creating Candles to the Sun.


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