The Motivation behind the Words

In several of the post show discussions for Bourbon at the Border questions regarding the motivation behind Pearl’s writing have come up in reference to the powerful subject matters used in her writing. In a general sense, Cleage is zealous with regard to issues of black life she feels the need for a forum for discussion and promotes practical education whenever possible.  Cleage dives into race, sex and love “in a growing body of literary work while she reveals poignant truths about brave black women.”  She states “The purpose of my writing, often, is to express the point where racism and sexism meet.”

Below is a snippet from the article Home Time and Island Time regarding Pearl and her writing influences:

“Two regular-size windows in Cleage’s office that are anything but regular when it comes to influencing her writing. ‘Through those windows I can watch my neighborhood go by,’ Cleage says. ‘I watch girls getting pregnant too soon, guys hard eyed and looking mean whom I knew as cute four year olds. By choice, I don’t leave my Southwest neighborhood much, and these windows are my windows to all of it…….The contradictions that I write about in my novels are here everyday. Some writers write about blacks, but they never see blacks.'”


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