Searching for meaning

One of the fun things about having a blog is that I get to see what search terms people use to find us – sometimes we’re what they’re looking for (“eclipse theatre blog” is a pretty frequent one, for example), and sometimes, well, maybe we’re not (“night sky backdrop for plays” brought someone here last week, and I have no idea what that search engine found). Regardless, I hope everyone enjoys the blog no matter how they got here.

I found a search term today that made me laugh, and I hope the post was helpful for the searcher: 

springsteen jackson cage meaning

I’ve already admitted to being a big Springsteen fan, and I was thrilled last year to find out that Rebecca Gilman is too – at our symposium in March 2006, she explained that the song Jackson Cage was the inspiration for her play Blue Surge. As I wrote then, the connection was clear to me immediately – the sense of being trapped by a class structure you don’t understand resonates strongly in both the song and the play.

We’re considering Blue Surge for our 2009 season (the second year of our Celebration Series). In the meantime, I hope we were able to help someone find a little meaning in an obscure Springsteen song.

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