Why Pearl Cleage knocks me out, part four

Because of scenes like this – Charlie’s return home after spending time in a mental hospital:

(The sound of a key in the lock as Charlie enters. He has a slight limp. May stands, but does not move toward him. He closes the door, but does not move toward her. They stand looking at each other for a beat. Although they will not touch each other until the end of this scene, it is obvious that they are longing to do so from the time he enters)

CHARLIE: Hello, May.
MAY: Hello, Charlie.
CHARLIE: I didn’t mean to worry you.
MAY: Are you all right?
MAY: It got so late.
CHARLIE: I figured it out, May. The only way they win is if they make me too crazy to be with you.
MAY: Oh, Charlie.

(May begins to cry. He embraces and carresses her)

CHARLIE: Don’t cry, baby. It’s over now. It’s all over. Daddy’s home… Daddy’s home…

(May returns his carresses as the lights fade to black)


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