365 Plays – getting our 7 ready

In the last two weeks we’ve been rehearsing the seven short plays that make up Week 43 of the world premiere of 365 Days/365 Plays.

When Suzan-Lori Parks first explained the concept of 365 Days/365 Plays to a group of representatives from theatre companies all around Chicago, there was an energy in the room that reminded me of those great late-night dorm room planning sessions where everyone was fearless and every idea was a potentially brilliant possibility. 365 Producer Bonnie Metzgar said the original idea felt like one of those “let’s paint ourselves purple and fly to the moon” ideas – and then they did it.

And now over 700 theatre companies around the country and around the world have joined their year-long adventure – each using seven short and strange little plays as a road map for their week’s journey.

It’s been a fun journey for us – the energy from that first meeting has carried through to rehearsals, and her writing has encouraged all of us to fly, purple-skinned and fearless, to wherever these stories take us.

We’re performing our seven plays this coming Friday and Saturday (September 7 & 8) at 8 pm at the Victory Gardens Greenhouse Theater (2257 N Lincoln Ave in Chicago). It’s all free – stop by and join the fun if you can.


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