Kick Off to Eclipse’s SLP 365 Days/365 Plays

In a little over a month Eclipse will produce their week of Suzan Lori Parks’ 365 Days/ 365 Plays.  I am dramaturging Eclipse’s portion of the festival and directing one of the pieces.   

For those that have not heard about this year long world premiere play festival here is a summary:  In 2002 Pulitzer Prize winning Suzan Lori Parks got an idea to write a play a day for an entire year so from November 13 to November 12 of the following year, she wrote a play everyday for an entire year.  A few years later friend and producer Bonnie Metzgar asked “what’s up with those 365 plays?” and followed the question with her production concept of producing simultaneous world premieres shared by 52 theatres in different locations. 

Parks and Metzger sought out different hub locations such as Chicago , New York and Los Angeles and collectively got 17 different ‘hub’ locations on board with the project.  Each hub then combines forces with 52 different (mostly) theatrical organizations to each produce one week out of the 52.  In Chicago , there are 52 different companies participating in this event; including Shattered Globe, IMPACCT and Eclipse.  Thus, creating 884 world premieres of her newest theatrical work 365 Days/365 Plays.      

More to come regarding SLP 365 Days/365 Plays.

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