An early run through of 2 by Pearl

2 by Pearl had 2 full run throughs this past weekend, giving the designers a chance to see what each show looks like at this point and giving the actors an audience for the first time in the rehearsal process.


 As Hospice (right) began, director Chuck Smith called out some of the technical cues, giving us a sense of the world the designers will start to create at the Victory Gardens Greenhouse Theater next week. With all of us imaging the lights slowly coming up on the bedroom and a Puccini aria filling the house, Tanya Lane and Noelle Hardy began an emotional and powerful hour of exploring the mother-daughter relationship that Pearl Cleage has so beautifully written.

Late Bus to Mecca

Late Bus to Mecca (left) is wonderful to watch, and even better to watch twice – Frances Wilkerson and Alana Arenas will be alternating between the two roles throughout the run of the show, and it’s a lot of fun to see two very different takes on the talkative Ava and her silent companion ABW.

We start loading in to the theater this weekend, and in two weeks we won’t have to imagine the technical elements anymore.


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