Costume design for 2 by Pearl

The design team for 2 by Pearl (myself included) gets our first look at a run through of both short plays tomorrow morning. For most of us it’s the first time we’ve seen the actors since listening to the first read through.

In addition to watching the rehearsal, we’ll also be meeting to talk about the design elements and give both directors a chance to check in with all of the designers.

Hospice - JennyHospice - Alice

During our last meeting costume designer Emily Waecker presented some of the research she’d put together as she was imagining the clothes these four women will wear. Her collages especially give the rest of us a clear sense of what she’s thinking, and I’m excited to see how her ideas have developed when we check in tomorrow. The two collages she put together for the characters in Hospice are here – Alice, the mother, is on the right, and her daughter Jenny is on the left.

These aren’t designs, of course – this is an early stage in the process, and it’s all about looking for the basic design elements that work with the characters and the play overall.

In Emily’s collages we can see the pride and the life in the color palette she’s thinking about for Alice, who’s fighting cancer and struggling to find a way to share her final days with her daughter who she abandoned as a child to live in Paris as a poet. You can see the fragile strength in the softer colors and flowing textures she’s thinking about for Jenny, the abandoned daughter who’s returned home to give birth to a child of her own and finds more of her past there than she expected.

Keep an eye out for these colors and textures in the costumes on stage next month.


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