Pearl Cleage Day

I must have missed the official announcement, but today was definitely Pearl Cleage Day in Chicago. We spent the day traveling the city with the wonderful playwright and novelist, celebrating and discussing her works. The day really began last night, when Pearl joined us for a post-show discussion after Blues for an Alabama Sky. The celebration continued today with a symposium, featuring scenes from her plays and a discussion with Pearl and Ron OJ Parson, director of Flyin’ West, which is playing right now at the Court Theatre, and which I just got back from, but only after a post-show discussion with Pearl after their performance. Sorry for the run-on sentence, but it was a busy day. And I didn’t even mention Borders.

I’ll have some posts and pictures from the day up soon – it’s late now, and I’ve got to rest up for the Total Eclipse tomorrow – for now here’s a picture of us (Frances, Anish, Pearl, myself, and Kevin) after the Flyin’ West discussion.


Special thanks to Greg Hollimon, who was brilliant as Wil in Flyin’ West and nice enough to take this picture for us (using my PDA, which doesn’t really take very good pictures).


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