Opening night

dsc_0070.JPGBlues for an Alabama Sky opened on Sunday night, after a couple of fantastic previews. We got some great feedback from our preview audiences, kept making improvements right up to the end, and we’re all excited that the show is now off and running.

Our first post-show discussion is this Friday evening, and it will feature the playwright herself, Pearl Cleage, who will be joining us to talk about her wonderful script after the show. I don’t know if tickets are still available for this show – give a call to the Victory Gardens Greenhouse at 773-871-3000 for information.

She’ll also be at the Greenhouse on Saturday as we present a symposium of her works and a discussion moderated by Ron OJ Parson. This will be a fantastic event – a truly unique opportunity to talk to Ms. Cleage and see selections of her plays presented by some of the best actors and theater companies in the city. Call Eclipse at 312-409-1687 for information about this event and to reserve tickets.

I’m expecting the Harlem Renaissance to be one of our main discussion topics this weekend and throughout the run of the show – the historical context is essential to understanding who these characters are and how their stories play out, and it’s a history that’s a fascinating, exciting, and important part of American history in general. We’ve got a timeline of events up in the lobby at the theatre that helps give audiences a sense of the world these characters inhabit, and there are, of course, many online resources as well. Here’s a great one, started by a couple of students in an honors computer science class at Father Ryan High School (I don’t have any idea where that is, and the site doesn’t say), with information about artists, political figures, and a good timeline of major events.

If you have questions that you want us to ask Pearl Cleage this weekend, or questions to ask actors and audience members, let me know in the comments and I’ll be back with their answers later.

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