The Newberry Library looks ‘Behind the Scenes”

Eclipse company member, dramaturg and actor Maren Robinson will be teaching a course at the Newberry Library this fall, giving students an incredible opportunity to see how and why small theatre companies in Chicago do what we do.

This is going to be a fantastic class – Maren’s enthusiasm and curiosity are contagious, and she’ll be leading students through an exploration of several plays and the process of producing them. The class will include trips to see the plays being studied and discussions with the artists involved for a comprehensive look into this crazy world we live in.

One of the plays included in the curriculum is Boy Gets Girl, our final play in the Rebecca Gilman season. I’ll be acting in the show, and I’m looking forward to joining Maren in some great discussions at the Newberry Library (which is a beautiful place to visit for any reason). Here’s the full info:

Chicago Theater Behind the Scenes
Tuesdays, 5:45 pm – 7:45 pm
September 19 – October 31 (class will not meet October 10)
6 sessions, $140

Eclipse Theatre’s fall production Rebecca Gilman’s Boy Gets Girl,  is being featured in a course on small theaters in Chicago at the Newberry Library.  For more information view the course description on line or below or contact course instructor Maren Robinson at

Why is Chicago theater known for being challenging and engaging? We will examine theater’s role in interpreting world events, using productions by four award-winning theaters. We will read the plays, attend performances, and discuss them with directors and artists who created the productions. We seek to break “the fourth wall” and establish discussion between those who see theater and those who create it, and the larger implications theater has as a lens for viewing the human condition.
Maren Robinson is a freelance dramaturg with an M.A. in humanities from the University of Chicago.


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