A look at what’s growing in the Greenhouse

In just over a month, Victory Gardens Theater will be celebrating their new home, just up the road at the Biograph Theater. They’ll be leaving behind a group of small, young and passionate theatre companies (including us, of course) to continue working in the building at 2257 N Lincoln (and it’ll still be their building, so I guess we’ll have to keep it clean – or at least be ready to hide all the beer when they drop by unannounced).

Before they go, they’re throwing us a little party to introduce audiences to the new incarnation of this wonderful space that started off as a home for The Body Politic back in the 60s. 

We’ll be celebrating the birth of The Greenhouse (because they’re a Garden, see?) on Tuesday, August 29 at 6 p.m. Stop by to see a reading from Spinning into Butter at this free event, as well as performances by Shattered Globe, MPAACT, Remy Bumppo and About Face. I’ve heard there’ll be some food and drink there too.

Contact Victory Gardens Theater for more information about the Greenhouse Open House. 

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