Post-show discussion – Sunday, July 30

The post-show discussion started off on Sunday with the director, Anish Jethmalani, talking about the importance of the discussions that took place during the premiere run of Spinning into Butter at the Goodman Theatre in 1999. Rebecca Gilman explained at the time that they were like a third act of the play.

The conversations we’ve had with audiences this first weekend have certainly felt that way.

A few of the highlights from Sunday’s discussion:

Kerry Richlan, playing Sarah Daniels, was asked to share her thoughts on exploring some of Sarah’s more uncomfortable thoughts on race and racism, and what that’s like as an actor to sense a tension – sometimes shock – as audiences respond to the harsh honesty of Sarah’s self-examination. “As an actor,” she responded, “you love that.”

We spent a few minutes talking about the institutionalized language and relationships that can develop at a place like Belmont College, touched briefly on the 2003 Supreme Court decision on affirmative action at the University of Michigan, and kicked around the differences between solving problems intellectually and allowing ourselves to be personally vulnerable.

We were asked why Rebecca Gilman wrote this play – a question we can’t answer completely – and talked about some of the real events that inspired this story, and some of the real events that just happen to be similar to this story. We also talked about Rebecca’s tendency as a playwright to drill in on a specific issue (racism in this case, or more accurately how people deal with racism) and explore it from several different and sometimes unexpected perspectives.

Again, there was a lot more said – to get the whole discussion, please join us at the theatre. I’m going to try to keep these summaries short (hopefully that’ll help me get them posted more quickly too), but if there are issues you want to explore further or questions you want to ask, before or after you’ve seen the show, just hit that comment button down there.


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  1. the company has lots of character i think

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