Opening night

spinning_postcard2.jpgSpinning into Butter opened last night at Victory Gardens. We had a great crowd, a strong show, and a fantastic party afterwards at John Barleycorn just up the street. We’ll have our first official post-show discussion this Sunday (July 30) after the matinee performance; I’ll try to post some thoughts and questions here in anticipation of that, and I’ll do my best to recap the conversation here after.

President Bush spoke at the NAACP last week, and I’ve been thinking about the script of Spinning into Butter as I’ve been watching pundits talk about some of the things he said, some of the responses from his audience there, and some of the statements made by his Press Secretary, Tony Snow. I’m interested in seeing if these issues come up in any of our post-show discussions. In my mind, the issues raised by Gilman – how we define racism, how we respond to racism, how we acknowledge racism (or fail to) in ourselves – are on display in an interesting context in the news these days.


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